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IAHR promotes the scientific study of religion assisting the international collaboration of all scholars, member and affiliate societies contributing to the historical, social, and comparative study of religion. It does so by holding congresses and  conferences, by encouraging the publication of Proceedings of such, by way of IAHR related publications like the international journal NVMEN and an IAHR book series, by its Bulletins and e-Bulletins, and by supporting the formation of national and regional associations for the scientific study of religion.

Invitation for Bids for Hosting the IAHR XXIIth Quinquennial World Congress in 2020

Dear Prof. Sweetman,

It is a pleasure and privilege, on behalf of the IAHR Executive Committee, to inform you and your colleagues that the IAHR Executive Committee during its meeting June 26-27, 2016 i n Helsinki, Finland, unanimously decided to accept, with gratitude and great expectations, your bid and proposal to host the IAHR XXII World Congress 2020 in Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Allow us also, on behalf of the IAHR Executive Committee, to thank all the institutions, organisations, and people (e.g. Dunedin City Council, University of Otago, Tourism New Zealand, Enterprise Dunedin, the other Study of Religions programs in the country, and the Australian Association for the Study of Religions) for the support they have already promised to offer you and thus the IAHR with regard to the 2020 IAHR World Congress.

You will receive a follow-up letter from the IAHR Secretary General, Prof. Afe Adogame, a letter which, apart from confirming this announcement, may serve as a starting point for future talks between the NZASR and IAHR leaderships about important matters linked to the demanding process towards the holding of an IAHR World Congress.

Accept our congratulations! Sincerely,
Tim Jensen, IAHR President
Afe Adogame, IAHR Secretary General
Philippe Bornet, IAHR Treasurer
Ann Taves, IAHR Deputy Secretary General


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