• World Humanities Conference

    Humanities have been a main structuring dimension of knowledge and understanding of societies throughout time, allowing to approach complexity, rendering time and causal dimensions to features or making sense of processes. Actually, the divide between the Humanities and other knowledge clusters (e.g. natural sciences or technologies) is a recent feature. Read More

  • Now For Sale with Brill. Special Offer to IAHR members.

    NVMEN, the Academic Study of Religion, and the IAHR. Past, Present, and Prospects, edited by Tim Jensen & Armin W. Geertz on behalf of Brill and the IAHR Executive Committee, is a 'Festschrift' collected and published in honor of the 60th anniversary of NVMEN, the IAHR flagship journal. The volume is a collection of selected and joint memories of NVMEN, the IAHR and the Study of Religion, memories which, with reference to then IAHR President Michael Pye's opening address at the IAHR World Congress in Durban 2000 "selected, contested, and always reflected, [hopefully can] turn out to be not only memories of the past but also constituents of the future". The reprints and newly commissioned writings critically reflect on NVMEN past and present, on the history, developments and gradual yet steady expansion of the IAHR as well as on key methodological issues and debates linked to the IAHR and its history. These issues are raised, analysed and discussed by past and present key IAHR 'movers', be they presidents, general secretaries, treasurers, publications officers, managing editors or other scholars and colleagues dedicated to the IAHR and NVMEN one way or another. This publication, hopefully, can serve present and future generations of IAHR members, be they individual scholars or member associations and affiliates, when looking for material on key discussions within the IAHR and the academic study of religion as envisioned, promoted and pursued by the IAHR and NVMEN. The volume has reprints of contributions by R. Pettazzoni, G. Wiedengreen, C. J. Bleeker, R.J. Zwi Werblowsky, A. Schimmel, E. J. Sharpe, M. Pye, A.W. Geertz & R.T. McCutcheon, T. Jensen, and new contributions by D. Accorinti, G. Alles, C. Bochinger & J. Ruepke, G. Casadio, S. Fujiwara, R.I.J. Hackett, O. Hammer, M. Joy, M. Pye, and D. Wiebe.

    Brill offers all members of the IAHR a promotional 25%. Note Action Code 70302. Offer is valid until 31 December 2016!

  • Award of Honorary Professorship at the University of Hannover, Germany: Congratulations to the IAHR President, Professor Tim Jensen who has recently been appointed honorary Professor at the University of Hanover, Unit for the Study of Religions, see

  • 2nd PASCHR Conference “Oral Histories and Contributions of Intellectual and Religious Movements in Philippines, Philippine Association for the Study of Culture, History and Religion, March 2-4, 2016. Hosted by Iloilo Science and Technology University, Lapaz, Iloilo City and Guimaras State College, Buenavista, Guimaras. See: For additional details, contact: Esmeralda Sanchez: